Our homeport Lauwersoog, is the shortest sailing distance from the anchoring areas of the Ems estuary and the Gemini wind farm.

Crew Change
Due to the short sailing times from Lauwersoog and our 365/24/7 fast response times, we can quickly and comfortably transport crew and equipment.
We make use of our fast RIB half-open boats or our closed and comfortable ‘BMS Noorman’.

Full service concept
By working with our two sister companies, Restaurant ‘Het Booze Wijf’ and ‘Holidaypark Lauwersoog’, we can offer a full service concept.
Not only do we carry your crew or employees over water, but we also provide sleeping accommodation, dinner and breakfast, stores, washing clothes, and shuttle service to the station or airport.

Our ships are also used for survey work. Not only is there plenty of deck space for the installation of measuring research equipment, but for example is within ‘BMS Noorman’ very much room available for sensitive computers or for setting up workstations